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The BC Supreme Court ruled that InSite is a health care facility that saves lives, and that to deny addicts access to this program would be denying them their rights under section seven of the Canadian Charter of Rights. The BC Court of Appeals subsequently agreed that InSite provides critical health care, and as such is under the authority of the provincial government, not the federal government. Despite this, the federal government announced on February 9th 2010 that it will appeal these rulings in the Supreme Court of Canada. Help InSite continue to provide life saving services by showing your support for the safe injection site with one of these letters to the Prime Minister.

Email the Prime Minister

Enter your name and your email address and this message will be sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Edit the message if you have your own points, or simply click the send button and the message will go as it is written in the pop up window.

Medical Professionals, Academics and Scientists: Email the Prime Minister

Attached is a letter written by Anita Palepu, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of British Columbia, and Stephen Hwang, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Toronto, to be signed by anyone in the academic, medical or scientific fields. Just submit your information, and the letter will be sent to InSite for Community Safety and then forwarded on to Prime Minister Harper.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

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